Monday, February 14, 2011

Daniel Murphy looking to be Collins Utility hero

The Mets have another round of voluntary work outs scheduled today and look for Mets blue collar boy Daniel Murphy out somewhere playing the infield and getting his uniform dirty.

The Mets have a job open at 2nd base for Murphy to take, but if he is beat out, he can still be the Joe McEwing of the 2011 roster.

Murphy is trying his luck at 2nd base in camp after losing 2010 to injury. He is waiting on Jose Reyes to get to camp so he get a little feel for Reyes as his partner in the infield. Of course Terry Collins loves the guy already. The Daily News has a quote from Collins reflecting Collins belief the Murphy is the kind of guy he would love to have on his Mets team for 2011 due to usefulness around the diamond. "I know he can play first. He can catch ground balls at third, he's been taking ground balls at second. We haven't had him in the outfield yet, but we like that lefthanded bat."

The Mets did sign Willie Harris who also can be a lefty off the bench and would be some competition to Murphy if he didnt flat out win the 2nd base job. Things have a way for working out and eventhough they didnt for Murphy last year, 2011 could be his year.

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