Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Good the Bad the Ollie

Ollie has bounced back from being locked out of the Mets complex on Sunday. Yesterday he pitched a bullpen session in front of Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen. This of course is not a official workout. That is not until Thursaday.  Maybe that is why the Mets are saying nice things about Ollie.

Last year Ollie didnt get much use by manager Jerry.  The last 2 years he is 3-9 and with a ERA around 6.80. He was asked to go down to the minors last year and he refused.  This year the Mets might release the lefty before the season starts but that doesnt stop Ollie from being Ollie and telling manager Collins what he wants. 

He Mets with Alderson and Collins on Monday and told him that he wants a chance to start. The Mets were gracious in saying they will give hima shot at that. Of course there was none of that I will do what it takes to help the club. It is all about what Ollie wants.

Mets new manager Terry "intense"Collins sees the lefty as possibly making the team as a situation lefty out of the pen. Now if you ask me I see him spending opening day at his home in Mexico. Yes nothing like Ollie being brought in to get Chase Utley out with a man on and walking him or given up a 2 run shot. 

Dan Warthen was quoted by the NY Post as saying after the unofficial bullpen session. "I thought he looked better here today than any time last year. The way the ball came out of his hand."  he also said Perez seemed stronger . Will Warthen be saying the same thing put of rosy glasses when he walks the bases loaded the first time he pitches?

Ollie might have the world against him but he is out to prove that there is a good Ollie somewhere in that arm of his.

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