Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mets 2011 spring training non roster invitees

Good news. The Mets spring training camp will be in full swing by the end of this coming week. Now we can start getting geared up for spring and some baseball. The Mets have already over 30 players in camp for new manager Terry Collins. Pitching coach Dan Warthen arrived yesterday and already gave some quotes on Mets fireballer Jenrry Mejia. He claims he might be better down the line as a reliever. He claims his arm is better with "short bursts" as he calls it. Warthen needs to pipe down. Mejia needs to go down to triple AAA as a starter.

Anyway the Mets will have less players in camp to start off the 2011 spring training then they did in 2010 which should help get more reps for players on the fridge. The Mets right now have 10 players that are non roster invitees. Collins expects 56 players in camp. So expect some of the minor league pitchers like Brad Holt to play a bit with the big boys.

The non roster invitees include righty pitchers Boof Bonser,Blaine Boyer,Ryoyta Igarashi. The 3 lefties include Tim Byrdak, Michael O'Connor and Taylor Tankersley. Collins has had some nice things to say about O'Connor which you can read here and has already come out to say that he like to leave camp with 2 lefties. No mention of Ollie in his statement. That has to say volumes already. 

The Mets will also have catchers Raul Chavez and Dusty Ryan,infielder Russ Adams and Met killer Willie Harris in camp.

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