Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taking a hard look at Pedro Beato.

The Mets have a live arm down in Pt St Lucie and it doesn't just belong to Jenrry Mejia. The Mets picked up Brooklyn Native Pedro Beato in the rule 5 draft from Baltimore.

Beato at this point is getting some attention from the Mets coaches with the arsenal of pitches he is able to throw not just his velocity.  The kid throws a 4 seam and a 2 seam fastball,change up a cutter and curveball. Last year he spent the season at Double AA and posted a ERA of 2.11 as a reliever after being used primarily as a starter up to that point.

The 24 year old is being watched by Dan Warthen who has mentioned that Beato's delivery is still inconsistent. Last night on Mets hot stove Bobbie Ojeda discussed how he has watched the kid throw bullpens a couple of times and has noticed that at first the kid was telegraphing his breaking pitches but now with a little tutelage from Warthen that has stopped. 

Beato could be a nice compliment in the bullpen for the Mets. Especially for a guy who has a couple of pitches which Terry Collins would love due to his versatility .   Beato would have to make the 25 man roster or be sent back to Baltimore.

 Beato had this to say about being picked by his hometown Mets as a rule 5.“I’m not going to come here thinking in my head that I’ve got a spot because I got Rule 5’d. Or I’m going to lay back and just let things happen. So I’m just going to work hard every day and bust my behind to win my spot.”

He could be a exciting addition to Terry's  bullpen.

Source Star Ledger

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Anonymous said...

As long as he doesn't become this year's Dillon Gee (Rule V), Rocky Cherry (Rule V), or Nelson Figueroa (childhood Met Fan).