Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mets bullpen: Who will claim the final spots.

If Carlos Beltran doesnt break down this week I think the bench is set. The Mets will probably have 5 on the bench and they will include,Murphy,Hu,Harris,Harriston Jr and Nickeas. What about the bullpen?

The Bullpen right now has, K Rod,Parnell,DJ Carrasco,Byrdak ,who was just added to the 40 man roster,Bucholz who has pitched well and signed a 600K major league deal. If there are 2 spots left and 4 guys who gets them?

  • Beato the rule 5 pick who has pitched will probably land the second to last spot
That leaves 1 spot and three players.

  • Manny Acosta-Who has pitched well and is out of options.
  • Izzy- has pitched well except for his down time for a 2 days when his pitching arm was a little sore. Has said he will not go to the minors.
  • Blaine Boyer- Also has pitched well and can opt out if he doesn't make team.

It is great that the pitchers have made it a hard choice but I have a feeling the Mets will go with Blaine Boyer. I think the Mets might be cautious if Izzy can go a full year without breaking down. There's a possibility Izzy would go to Extended Spring Training if his swollen elbow isn't fully healed . Also I see maybe Izzy latching on with the Cardinals due to the fact that they had to move one of there relievers into the starting rotation with Wainwright down.  Good problem to have but I think the Mets are limited in what they can do especially since Bucholz has a major league deal and hasn't done anything to say he doesn't warrant a spot in the pen.

The lefty Misch I think the Mets want as a back up in Buffalo just in case they need a spot start or long relief if Carassco goes down . He though can become a free agent so we will see.

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Jobu said...

i want Izzy. I think he brings the right mental aspect that this staff needs.