Sunday, April 24, 2011

50 Years from the Mets and Matt Silverman

Nice to wake and realize your team has won 3 in a row. Small victories for a team that is still 5 games under after only 21 games . Well with the Mets starts it invokes times from the early days of the Mets when they won only 40 games in 1962 which is 50 years ago.

This marks the 50 year the NY Mets have been in existence and of course we will see some celebrations and new books that re hash over those 50 years. Well Matthew Silverman has a new book called NY Mets  50 Amazing seasons a complete illustrated history.

The book grabs you right from the beginning as it goes over the Mets expansion draft for the first Mets team in 1961 for the '62 season. One of the nice features in this 197 page book is that intertwined throughout discussing the Mets history it has what it calls the Mets top 50 .  Each player in the top 50 has there own little baseball card front that uses the '1973 Topps card likeness which to me is a real treat since that is the first year I was just starting to collect baseball cards.

There alot of great pics since its an Illustrative history through out the Mets 50 years and even includes recent photos from the 2010 season. One of my favorite is the 1986 division clincher game against the Cubs that I actually attended and made to the field after that victory. Back when they allowed fans to trample the field. It also has 10 pages of records and stats that can get and Met stat geek excited . 

Cant believe its been 50 years but Silverman does a nice job reflecting back on a team that has been ingrained in our hearts through the many many lean years as well as some of those great years!.

If you like your own copy you can purchase it here

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