Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chris Young Tries To Stay Perfect On The Mound & At The Plate: Mets Lineup V. Nationals

Today Chris Young takes the mound against Jason Marquis and the Nationals. Young will try to keep his record perfect, along with his batting average.

I will be going to today's game with #1 son, Metsfan97, his friend, and friend's father.

This will be metsfan73's first visit of 2011, and although the Mets haven't been stellar, I am looking forward to the game. I will be adorned in my classic white Mets jersey (no name or number), my Mets NY necklace, and my famous Mets socks from 1986 (yes I still have them!). The head will be with the classic blue hat with orange button on top.

Today's Mets lineup:

1. Reyes-SS
2. Harris-LF
3. Wright-3B

4. Davis-1B

5. Pagan-CF

. Duda-RF
7. Emaus-2B

8. Thole-C
9. Young-RHP

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