Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jason Bay kept on sidelines for another 2 weeks

The Mets didnt play a game last night but of course there is still news that seems to come out anyway. Jasob Bay will not be heading to Atlanta this weekend. The Mets will keep the outfielder in Pt St Lucie for another 2 weeks and will not see him until the Mets head to the Nations Capital to play the Nats on the 26th. 

Bay is recovering slowly from his rib impingement.  Which is not a shock since this could be a nagging injury. Bay still has not played a game yet this season.

Now does this mean the Mets will have a short bench for the 2 weeks he is out?  I think the jury is out on that one.

Mets will make up yesterday's game Thursday as part of a double header.  Mets might get tonights game in as the weather is suppose to clear before game time. Look for Niese to get his start tonight.

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