Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mets pen showing improvement:pitching inside

When the mets were losing game after game everyone focused on walks . the Pen was part of the issue.  The Mets were averaging 4 walks per 9 innings.  No way to win games to have all those extra players on base. 

Adam Rubin has a new post  where he goes into detail how for the time being the Mets have stop the onslaught of bases on balls. He even gets into some stat detail on Pedro Beato and his performance. 

 Beato has shown good swing-and-miss ability with his fastball. In his last three appearances, opponents have swung at 18 fastballs, missing eight. So far, hitters have swung and missed at it 27 percent of the time, a rate that is nearly double the major league average.

The kid looks good but its the first time through the league.  What I want to point out is I think the Mets are being more effective since there trending towards pitching inside more. This way they backing up the batter who then misses the outside pitch.

When the Mets were playing the D Backs they were pitching Upton high and inside and he was not able to turn on it . i think the Mets are being more effective in how they pitch to the batters weaknesses.

Again its a small sample size but its working.

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