Friday, April 15, 2011

Mets record almost matches last year and other tidbits.

Nothing like a 4 game sweep to have everyone on your back. The Mets lost all 4 to the Rockies and if you ask positive Pete Terry Collins the Mutts are 1 swing away in most games from being 7-6 or something. Yeah ok Terry I have a bridge to sell you. The Mets are 4-9 and things dont look good. Well if you go back to 2010 the Mets are almost in the same boat.

The 2010 Mets were 4-8 and then went a winning streak and won 10 of there next 11 and were at 14-9 at the end of April .  Do I expect the Mets to be at same place at end of April?? No but they only need 1 win to change things around .  They need to really leave the sloppy play at Citi as they head to Atlanta and face the Bravos tonight and Mr Lowe.

Of course most people only look at the negative but you have to love how Mr El Sucra -Jose Reyes is playing. The kid is mashing.

Have to tell you I thought it was perfectly fitting that David Wright had the chance to win the first game with a clean hit. Of course Mr Clutch didn't come through but hey he didn't do his usual strike out routine.

D J Carrasco gets the start tonight. Why? They could have brought up Pat Misch or Mejia to give the Mets a chance but rather just abuse the good ole bullpen. Not a way to start a winning steak if you ask me positive Pete.

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