Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mike Pelfrey and game calling with Josh Thole

No one really thought that Big Pelf could be a force like Santana as he claimed the #1 role for the time being. Well 2 starts and Pelf has proven that fact.  He was lost last night against the Phillies and was shellacked for 7 runs in 2+ Innings. The Mets tied the game so Pelf was off the hook . After the game Pelfrey was chattering how he was getting beat by the Phillie hitting his curveball and whined about the pitch selection. He said that he should have shaken off the Mets young catcher Thole a couple of times. He said he might have thrown 2 or 3 split fingers. 

Pelf is on the mound not Thole and if he doesn't like the pitch selected then he should shake it off. He claims he likes to nod and go. Well you know what if you have conviction then shake Thole off. No reason for a so called number 1 to just have no game plan of his own.  Pelf luckily didn't get the loss last night but he deserved it.Lets see where the so called #1  is against the Rockies at home on Monday. No excuses just pitch like you actually deserve being a fill in #1.

Mets box score

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