Monday, April 25, 2011

Power play between Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins?

The Mets have an off day before they travel via Amtrak down to the Nations capital to start a 3 game set with the Nationals and then over to Philly for the 2nd time this year to play 3 with the Phillies.  The Mets are on a roll right now winner of the last 4 against teams they should beat. The d Backs defense was awful and yesterday the Mets built a lead early and was able to mostly cost the rest of the way. 

After the game as was noted by my esteemed colleague in an earlier post the Mets made some moves to there bullpen. 2.4M dollar man D J Carrasco was heading to Buffalo and Dillon Gee was staying with the team.  Not sure I like the idea of having Gee in the pen as long relief.   Alderson said after the game that it might be just for 7-10 days.  I can see Gee maybe staying around just in case Chris Young falters.  The team might prefer to have Gee make an emergency start instead of Carrasco who really was not too effective in his start last week. 

Now I can see Collins wanting Gee to stay due to his performance but it must have been tough to have Alderson sign off sending D J down ala Oliver Perez to find himself.  What happens if D J gets shelled as a Buffalo starter?  Will Alderson be ready to throw away 2.4M?  Doubt it

Terry Collins probably will be stuck with Carrasco in the long run and Gee might head down to Buffalo in a week.  We won’t be too surprised if Collins puts up a fight for Gee in a week to 10 days if he does well.  Of course Alderson will have the final say and Collins might just have to be the company boy. Doesn’t seem to be his strong suit.

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