Friday, June 17, 2011

A blown save a balk and a loss.

The Mets lost a tough game last night but lets remember that they were down 6-2 and didnt pack it in. They actually went into the 9th with K Rod on the mound leading 8-6. K Rod blew the save and Carrasco did his best impersantion of Kenny Rogers( yes I know that was a walk off ) and the Mets lost 9-8. Mets box score 

A tough loss but at same time a very successfull road trip for the Mets. They beat the Braves 2 out of 3 in Atlanta. Some positives to look at.

Scott Hairston has remembered what he is being payed for . To hit the ball when he plays with authority. He gave the Mets life with his 3 run home run to tie the score at 6. Hairston has raised his average to .271.

Jason Bay had 2 hits and actually drove in a run. Bay has been hitting the ball to right field and actually had a rbi with one of his 2 singles . Yes only singles but if you have watched him lately, he is laying off the garbage pitches and not fouling off the good ones. He also only struck out once in 5 at bats.   

Izzy and Beato pitched decent . Beato gave up 1 hit in 1 inning pitched and Izzy pitched 2/3 without giving up a hit. Small sample I know.  

Dickey pitched horribly but the team didn't saddle him with a loss. Last game he pitched well but the Mets couldn't score. 

The Mets finished off a road trip 6-4 and are 9-6 in June. Shake off the loss its time to beat the Angels!

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