Thursday, June 9, 2011

'Bout Time To Bench Bay?

Jason Bay took an 0-3 'collar' last night in the Met humiliating loss to the Brewers, 7-6. Bay was a strikeout victim twice, and missed RBI opportunities once again.

Bay is now in an 0-23 slump, that seems to have no end in sight. Mets manager Terry Collins is faced with a tough decision: Bench Bay or not to bench Bay, that is the question.

Collins freely admitted that he has grown more patient in recent years, and if he was still the same man that managed the Astros or Angels, he would have benched Bay by now.

Said Collins:

"One of the personality changes I think I've made is to have some patience. I'm trying to relay that to Jason, certainly -- don't press, you don't have to press the issue. It's going to be there, it's going to come."

The problem is, Collins can only wait so long before he might have to seriously consider sitting Bay in lieu of someone like Hairston, Pridie, or Harris.

Bay knows the writing is on the wall, stating:

"It's a results business, and this is a place where team-wise you need to win and you need to perform. Regardless of who you are, you get enough chances and it's like 'OK, let's go [in a different direction].' That's out of my control."

Bay has been a class act in his short tenure with the Mets, but it's time for Collins to seriously consider making a change. Bay has become an automatic out. His batting average has dropped to .207, 10 RBI, and 2 RBI.

If Jason isn't careful, he could be 'Sitting by the dock of the Bay.'

NY Post, Photo ESPN

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Long Island Met Fan said...

I would like to see him bat 2nd so he gets some fastballs. If that doesnt work its time for him to join Scott Hairston as ghosts on the bench..