Friday, June 24, 2011

David Wright cleared to resume baseball activities: Fans rejoice?

The Mets are happy, David Wright is happy but are Mets fans happy with the fact that Nuke is able to get off his knees and start really getting into the swing of things and play baseball again. Read what Jose Reyes had to say about Wright returning here

The Most Wright has done at Citi is some drills taking ground balls from his knees. Today he flies down to Florida to start getting his body in shape with some conditioning and then some games on rehab. The Mets seem to think that Wright will be back after the All Star break. Wright of course would say within a week to 10 days.

Now as fans we are like yeah ok  Wright oh joy.  I think if Davis was closer to returning we would be a bit more excited. Wright was not doing much before he was DL'd and we can say part of the reason was that he was playing hurt. Not of course before the bang bang play at 3rd. Wright was still striking out and doing his best to be non clutch.

With Wright heading back all I can think of is ..Wright and Bay striking out to kill a rally. Yeah I know real positive ....

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