Friday, June 10, 2011

Jason Bay will sit against the Bucs

Just this past Sunday Jason Bay sat for the last game of the homestand and then had Monday off. The results, 2 games and no hits. So if you ask me sitting Bay so he can think about what is wrong wont help much. 

My humble opinion is that Bay for some reason cant recognize the pitch being thrown. There are so many instances where Bay just lunges at the ball which is low and away. Newsday ran a split yesterday about how Bay is doing well during the day hitting over .300 and under .200 at night. That article can be read here. Bay denies any issues with his eyes. To me get another checkup. What can it hurt. Maybe he has nite blindness.

Hudgens thinks its a mental block. Bay right now I am sure has too many people giving him suggestions. I would love to see him maybe talk to Dave Magadan who worked with him in Boston . Bay had to fill the shoes of some guy named Manny a couple of years ago and did pretty well.

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