Monday, June 13, 2011

What a season so far for Jose Reyes

Is it that fact that he is healthy again? Or is it that fact that he is in a walk year?  A combo of both maybe but this kid so far is having a season to remember.  Reyes raised his average yesterday and is now leading the league with a .346 average. Alderson  is prolly drooling over his onbase percentage which is a unheard of .391 fr the 28 year old shortstop. 

Of course Met fans want the brass to resign him so he doesn't test free agency. Some rival execs of said that Reyes will be the #2 free agent behind some guy named Pujous...     Is this the real Reyes though ?  I read somewhere that a AL executive is impressed by Reyes's  start but tempers it by saying that its only June. Lets see where his legs are in August/September he says. Really cant argue with that.  

Whatever happens to our leadoff sparkplug he is making watching the Mets exciting.  The Mets end there series against the Bucs tonight with a chance to get back to .500 with Mike Pelfrey on the mound .

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