Monday, June 20, 2011

Wilpon Changing His Mind?

Could it be? Probably doubtful, but if the Mets owners words this past Saturday are any indication, then maybe Fred will seriously look into retaining Jose Reyes.

Wilpon was quoted this past Saturday saying this about his Shortstop:

"outstanding, in every part of the game."

Does that mean Fred is backing off his comments in the New Yorker magazine where he said that Reyes isn't worth Carl Crawford money? Most likely not, and understandable so, but does this mean he will permit Alderson to do what it takes to sign the teams' sparkplug? Would five years $105M be enough? We don't know.

Everyone is speculating Reyes wants Crawford money, but the fact is this: Reyes has never made any demand of how much money he expects or wants in his next contract. Some reporter somewhere came up with the Crawford comparison, but Reyes has never said he wants 7 years, $140+M. If Reyes continues this MVP type of play for the remainder of this season, then yes, he will easily earn Crawford money, and it will not be with the Mets.

The hope here is that Jose will want to continue his relationship with the Mets, and the Mets will do whatever they can to ensure the enigmatic shortstop stays in Flushing.

Remember, Jose is "Outstanding in every part of the game." Fred's words, not mine.

Sources: Adam Rubin, Photo ESPN

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