Friday, July 29, 2011

Have to be proud of these Mets!

We are about to turn the calendar to August in a couple of days with out our Star Right fielder Carlos Beltran.  Tough to see the guy go but this Mets team has yet to stumble without him. Yes its only 2 games but did you think they would be this tough to even cobble 2 wins without him right away?  

If anything you have to be proud of how this team has played. Also Kudos goes to Terry Collins to getting his players to buy into his never say die and play the right away attitude. Who expected Duda to start off doing well offensively once Beltran left. Of course he isnt the same defensively by a long shot.  Did we expect David Wright to start hitting right off the DL and still hit without Beltran's protection?   Did we expect for Murphy to keep up his torrid hitting without Beltran in the lineup. 

Of course we have 2 months left and there is still time for a August/September swoon for this crew but you know what. This team might just continue to surprise the National league and the fan base.  The Mets have the most wins on the road this year,there close to the top in hitting and have the most walks. Offensively they are doing all the right things . 

Beltran might be gone but the train is still rolling!  LGM!!!!

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