Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jose Reyes back after the Philly series? Not if the Mets are smart.

Angel Pagan has done nothing for the Mets leading off. Nothing like the Spark that Reyes carries when he leads off. I mean he is 0-14 or so has a lead off hitter in Reyes's absence.  Not good for a team who thinks they are still in the wild card run. 

So even before last nights loss the Mets and Reyes are talking maybe having him activated Monday after the Phily series as per ESPN NY. Of course he has to test his running ability which he will do on Sunday.

The Mets might rush Reyes back to get him in the lineup for games that for the most part now are getting close to meaning less.  I understand they want him back to give a spark to a lifeless team right now but is it worth the cost of him maybe re injuiring his leg and then being out for the season.

TC was talking about how the Mets are in a playoff push the next 3 weeks. Well if thats the case it didnt get off to a good start last night with a 7-2 loss and lousy pitching by Dickey and 1 pitch from Igarashi .

I love Reyes but dont want him back too early. The Mets can wait a couple of extra days.

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