Wednesday, July 13, 2011

K Rod unloaded : Mets send him to the Brewers

Good night !  The National league won home field advantage in the World Series by beating the American league 5-1 .  Good morning!  The  Mets early this morning or late last night unloaded there closer.

K Rod will be probably setting up for the Milwaukee Brewers who traded for K Rod for 2 players to be named later. The Mets will pay the 5M of his salary that is left for this year and The Brewers will be responsible for 3.5M buyout. The Brewers closer Axford has converted 23 out of 25 saves so dont look for K Rod to be the closer. Guess you can say Brewers were not on K Rod's no trade list.

Here is to Mr Alderson getting rid of Omar's 17.5M option for K Rod for 2012. Jose Reyes they just cleared your salary!

Here are some links regarding the trade from  Newsday and Martino at the Daily News

Sandy Alderson is due to address reporters on a conference call Wednesday afternoon.

 The Mets have till Friday to jockey around who will close but I am sure Izzy, Parnell and Beato will be in the Mix with maybe Bautista joining the team to take K Rod's spot.

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