Monday, July 11, 2011

Mets doing better than most expected at All Star Break.

After the Mets 5-13 start I think people would have taken  the Mets being .500 at the All Star Break.  Some might have taken that before the season even started.  The Mets go into the break just finishing a 4-3 west coast trip and are 1 game over .500 at the break.  Sandy Alderson and Mets might not be happy but they have to be excited how some of the role players and Beltran and Reyes have done.   
The Mets started 5-13 and over the next 50 games they were 29-21 playing roughly .580 ball.  Then over there last 23 games they are playing roughly .500 ball at 12 and 11. They are 7.5 games back from the Braves for the Wild card has fans and the team hold on to some hope with a full starting lineup again they can make a move.  Not bad for a team that has 3 starters on the pine and 2 of them lost to the DL for close to 2 months.   Wright could be back a week after the break ends and Davis has made some progress as well.  The Mets before the Giant series have been killers on getting that 2 out hit. Will that change once Wright gets back?  
Alderson has mentioned that the Mets at .500 are playing at the floor of the organizations expectations. Of course he can’t be taken into consideration the Metsies are 3 position players down.  
Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran have been pretty impressive the first half of the year.  No one expected for Beltran to be leading the team in games players while hitting 13 home runs and driving in close to 60. Jose Reyes before his DL stint has been hitting every pitch he sees for base hits, doubles, triples.  Watching Reyes motor is worth the price of admission to Shea Nu.   
The Mets start off Friday after the Break against the Phillies at home. Alderson has said that the next couple of weeks are critical before the trading deadline to see if the Mets will be unloading players. Beltran will be gone you can count on that but possibly with Davis, Reyes and Wright returning the Mets can still play better then there expectations. They have so far. 

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