Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mets vs Dodgers July 6th, 2011: The drive for 4 in a row

Back in the early 1980's there was a hockey team on long island that won 4 stanley cups and were trying for a drive for 5.  Of course that didnt happen and since then the Islanders like the Mets have not won a championship.  Well the Mets now go after small goals like maybe having Jason Bay hit a home run in 2 games in a row and the team winning 4 in a row. 

Without Jose Reyes the Mets will try to beat the hapless Dodgers for the 3rd time in the 4 game series with Mr Niese on the mound. Niese has no record against the Dodgers but a ERA over 4.  Beltran and Murphy are hitting .400 against Dodger starter Kuroda.

 Pagan. Turner. Beltran. Murphy. Bay. Duda. Thole. Tejada. Niese.

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