Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reyes and Beltran back as the Mets pick up 4-2 win behind Gee

If you have a chance to watch the game last night something odd was going on. The stands at Citi ..were full!  People came out in droves to see Carlos Beltran and of course the MLB leading hitter Jose Reyes back in the lineup and they didnt disappoint.

Reyes had 2 hits and Beltran reach base 5 times with 2 doubles as the Mets beat the Cardinals 4-2.  It is hard to believe that Carlos Beltran will be gone soon especially with the way he his playing. With the  Mets going on the road this Friday for over a week Beltran might be playing only 2 more games in front of the home town brethren. Even though I still cant forget is strikeout in 06 it is really tough to see him go especially with the way he his playing.

Reyes had another multi hit game is first game back off the DL as Pagan and Murphy drove in a pair of runs each with doubles that gave the marauding Mets the victory in a 14 hit attack.

Dillion Gee gave 7 innings for his first start in 11+ days . Parnell of course gave us a scare in the 8th with loading the bases but somehow got Albert Pujous to ground into a DP. Parnell to me is no closer so I was l glad to see him pitch the 8th. Izzy had a nice 9th and the Mets gained a game on the Bravos who lost.

Tonight's game should be fun with the SNY crew broadcasting from the Pepsi porch. Of course its not the same as the Upper Tank at Shea but should be fun.

Mets box score 

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