Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tweeting is the death of reporting

Hey want to know what scouts were at the Mets-Reds game? Not enough info ? How many from each team?  Not enough?  How about there names?  Need more..This is what they eat at the game...

Enough all ready. At this point I cant wait for Beltran to be traded so I can stop reading the most mundane comments from the reporters who are covering the game .. Most of the time is spent with ..Beltran doesnt want to go to AL...He doesnt want to DH..He will block trades to the AL since he doesnt know the pitchers. Then Beltran refutes everything about what is said about going to the AL. then there are 40 tweets about that..  How about something of substance? Would it kill these beat writers?  How about who Alderson is looking at on each team that is sending a scout on Beltran...Some background on the players....How about interviewing the scouts and who on there team the Mets might have a shot at not about who they wont get.  

In this day and age its great getting real time stuff but can it at least be of substance your tweeting. You dont need to tweet for the sake of tweeting. Ok this wasnt a tweet but thank you for Mr. Sherman who did some research and reported some nice tid bits about the time  Alderson traded Mr McGwire so we know hey you know what prolly get some stiffs for Beltran.

In 1997, the A's dealt the best hitter available, free-agent-to-be Mark McGwire, to the Cards for the underwhelming trio of Eric Ludwick, T.J. Mathews and Blake Stein. That was the last trade in the tenure of Oakland's longtime GM. A fellow named Sandy Alderson.

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