Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mets beat Padres 7-3 : R A Dickey joins Twittersphere

The Mets finally beat the Padres in a series in San Diego with a 7-3 win last night.  Wright had a 3 run homer and Angel Pagan came to life with 3 rbi’s.  Gee and Wright both had some nice defensive plays and Jason Bay was consistent with going 0-4 with a walk and a run scored.   He is on one if his lack of hitting tears with a 0-19 streak.   The Mets were going to give Bobby and his straight fastball the 9th but when the Mets piled on the runs they gave the 9th to Igarashi who gave up 2 runs pitching to 6 batters.  As the Mets head home to face the Brewers some observations. 

Mets were pretty flat on the road trip except for last night’s win.  With the season now at a point that there playing for pride, it would be nice to see a little more of Baxter and let Hairston play.  Ok so he is not a rookie but he has really done well off the bench and deserves some more playing time.  Even though TC said he would like to stay with the guys in the pen for the rest of the year can they at least send Igarashi out to pasture?   I see Tejada has been holding his own with hitting close to .333 since Reyes has been on the DL . Very nice but the Mets cant expect him to be the everyday shortstop next year if they don’t resign Reyes especially if they plan to keep Thole behind the dish.  The bottom of the order will be horrendous.

R A Dickey and Justin Turner are on twitter and are having a little wager on who gets the most followers.  The loser donates $500 to charity.. check out their Tweets at   @RADickey43  and @redturn2. I of course would like to see the loser also get on the Mets dunk tank for 30 minutes but hey that’s just me.  

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