Friday, August 12, 2011

Mets give it their all thanks to Terry Collins.

  Now the Mets embark on a road trip that will bring them to Arizona and then on to San Diego.  After that the Mets will be home next weekend to play the Hot Brew Crew with Mr Fielder padding his numbers so he can achieve a huge pay day in the free agent market. 

The Mets did nothing to help there cause in the Wild Card fight as well as there poor record playing in the unfriendly confines of Shea Nu-   With a home stand that ended with the Padres capturing the last 2 games the Mets only won 3 and lost too many….In the process they lost Murphy for the year and Reyes for another 2weeks.  Now they get to play out the season with no hope of playoff baseball in Queens again. 

Of course no one expected them to play playoff baseball this year but 1 thing this team does that it didn’t last year is battle. No game is lost until the end. Not like last year where the team just packed it in when they were down.  That we can thank Terry Collins for. 

Collins of course was given a bad rap before his tenure started this year with how things played out 10 years ago .  Now Mets fans and the Met brass can thank Mr TC for instilling a sense of never say die tude with this bunch.  TC really has made a difference and it shows and Mets realize the team is done when it comes to the playoffs but are still exciting to watch.

Now if he could just work his magic on the injuries that seem to fall this team on a yearly basis we would be set!!!   

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Freddy Vasquez said...

We can only hope they are healthy next year and actually make a true run at the wild card. It is possible!!