Monday, August 22, 2011

Mike Pelfrey a closer in 2012? You are kidding me right?

Mike was suppose to be the ace this year without Johan.  Well we know how that worked out. After a solid 2010 when won 15 games this year for Big Pelf has been a step backward. TC was worried that Pelf was pressing with the Ace mantra.  Well the ace mantra is off and Pelf still is an enigma. Except for 2 run complete game performance against the reds in July he has been a innings eater at best. 

Now word comes out that the Mets threw around the idea of Pelfrey closing in 2012. What does that say about the confidence in Parnell?  Zip which it should be since he cant pitch in a stressful situation. So lets Big Pelf do it. I mean the guy gives up 1st inning runs almost every time he is out there so that seems logical. Have him blow the lead in the 9th instead of giving up 4 runs over 6 innings with a pitch count over 100.  

Not sure what brainac had this idea but I am glad to see Alderson basically said no way.  Good rather have Pelf be the #4 or #5 starter.  Because if he has proving anything this year he is the Nuke version of the pitching core. Mr unclutch!

Link- Pelf a closer?

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