Thursday, September 29, 2011

What a send off to the 2011 baseball season: walkoffs,Red Sox Collapse and Reyes

Last night for a baseball fan was prett amazing . Unless of course you are a Red Sox or a Bravos fan.  For the Braves to be a couple of outs away from going to game 163 against the Cards to going home was pretty devasting to see the dugout after the Phillies beat the Braves in 13 innings last night 4-3.  On the last day of the season the Braves are outed of the playoffs and go home.  Us Met fans understand of course.

Then the Red Sox . To have a lead and 2 outs and nobody on leading the Orioles in the bottom of the 9th . Then Red Sox nation unraveled while Carl Crawford couldnt come up with a catch that ended up pated the winning run for the Orioles. Then less then 10 minutes later as the RedSox held hope that they could get a 163 game witha Rays loss, Evan Longoria (The Anti Nuke)  hits a walk off clinching Wild Card winning homer after the Rays came back from a 7-0 defecit in the 8th inning to beat the Yankees 8-7 in extra innings.

Wow to be able to enjoy the games without the stress of oh my what will the  Mets do to mess it up was nice. At least now the Red Sox and Braves can over take the Mets in the biggiest Sept collapses. 

From David Ortiz.'03 loss to Yankees "not even close" to as bad as this yr. "This is worse. Not even close."

Crawford: "This is a devastating blow. We go down in history as 1 of the worst collapses ever. It def doesn’t feel good to be part of that.”

Check out the post mordem from the Boston Globe. It s a classic!Share the joy Red Sox nation of blowing it during the regular season..  Welcome to the club. 
 Oh Yeah Jose JOSE JOSE!  Congrads for winning the batting title 1st Met in our history to do so. Hopefully you will get your award next year as a Member of the Mets!

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