Thursday, October 27, 2011

If No Angel Pagan in CF who gets the call in 2012.

The Mets of course will deal with Mr Reyes first when it comes to their off season plan of action in 2012 but sooner or later the Mets will have to make a decision about CF and if they want Angel Pagan back patrolling the new dimensions of Citi.  To me it’s a no brainer..let him walk.  Yes I know it will be hard to sign a decent CF for the $$ Pagan will get but honestly do we want a guy back who has 1 of the weakest arms in CF.  How many times did his throws tail off when guys were trying to score.     It was hard to watch him throw.  Maybe is arm was hurt who knows but I want someone who can play the position which includes throwing runners out!!!  Also is whining about his placement in the batting order was ridiculous.   Who does he think he is?    I am done with him.    Some options. 

Of course you could throw Bay in CF.  With the new dimensions he wont have as much field to roam.  Then you need a left fielder.  Some options include Josh Willingham.  The 32 year old played with Oakland and bashed 29 homers and drove in 98 runs on a team that had a hard time scoring runs.  Obviously he can still produce. He has played in the NL before with the Nats and has a gun of a arm.  He hit over .300 with runners in scoring position and that what the team needs someone who get a clutch hit.  Now he really doesn’t excel against lefties . He only hit a bit over .200 and does strike out a lot. 

Another choice would be the Twins lefty slugger Jason Kubel.  He is coming off a down year where he missed the month of June. This kid though wouldn’t be a 1 year deal like Willingham but at least you have some stability in case Duda takes a step back.  Kubel hit .324 with runners in scoring position and hit over .270 with runners on and 2 outs which is pretty impressive. He also hit a bearable .254 against lefties.  Now switching leagues might be tough for him and he really can’t play Center.

A true CF in this off season market who has it all is tough to come by. For defense  there is Rick Ankiel who’s arms is a gun but really hasn’t been hitting for average.. He also really didn’t do well against teams in the East hitting .225 in the band box at Philly and .077 at Turner Field.

Maybe the Mets can resign Carlos Beltran!!!    Yeah well I know that wont happen but sooner or later the Mets will have to do something and lets just hope its not left to Pagan for another year so the team can save $$ and wait on the younger kids in the minors. for stats

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