Thursday, December 1, 2011

So long Nick, Just say no to Posada. Mets latest and greatest.

The off-season is starting to pick up steam as we head into next week GM Meetings.  The Mets held a Q&A last night for season ticket holders where Alderson was quoted as saying the 2012 team will be fun to watch!  Yeah ok  you realize no one believes that for a moment regardless of new dimensions in Citi and another Wild Card team.  

The Mets say goodbye to Pat Misch who signed a deal with the Phillies the other day and the 2011 recipient of the Heath Bell award Nick Evans. Evans who really couldn’t break the lineup for the Mets the last couple of years and was usually taking puddle jumpers from Buffalo has decided to move on.  The Bucs signed him to a minor league deal the other day.  Evans who some of us here at 24 hours had a man crush on him , me not included, did whatever was asked of him.  He is a good kid and always will remember his debut in Colorado with all those doubles. We wish him well.

The Mets are eying some defensive help behind the dish. Mets brass weren’t happy with Paulino and Thole seem to take a step back .There might have some interest in Jason Veritek who is a free agent. Love the guys attitude but at this point might not be much of a offensive upgrade over Nickeas at this point in his career. Jon Heyman suggested Jeff Mathis. Yankee star Posada called the Mets but the Mets said no thanks.  Alderson rebuffed any disccusion happened.

Mets are showing some interest in Brad Lidge and Jon Rauch for there bullpen.  Lidge I would take a look at as long as the contract is 1 year maybe but Rauch to me isn’t worth a look.  He never seems to be consistent when he gets a chance at closing and if I remember correctly tends to be wild.  

Mets still need to also acquire a pitcher to go for the #5 spot.  I am sure the Mets don’t expect Johan to be ready to take his roll right away in the starting lineup.  Honestly I think Pelf should have to fight for a starting rotation spot since he has been horrible.

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