Friday, January 13, 2012

Even Fred Wilpons expectations are low for the Mets in 2012

Nothing like having the owner cashing in his chips on the 2012 season.  We all know as fans that the Mets 2012 season will be tough to stomach at best. No matter how they spin it this team is not ready to compete in the division with the likes of the Phillies and re vamp Nats pitching staff.  Of course you would thing the owner would keep positive not dear 75 year old Fred. When asked about attendance in the upcoming year this is his direct quote.

"Given how low the expectations are for the team this year, it will be difficult to reverse that trend soon."

Thanks Fred for at least admitting the obvious. Of course the Mets hope that Bay will find his swing,Wright will love the new dimensions and Santana will be pretty to pitch every 5 days.  Fred though for once feels like all us met fans do. Is it 2013 yet?

Source - WSJ