Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mets sign Omar : Talk about a snooze fest off season.

If your in the Northeast yesterday and today we get a little dose of what winter is really like with highs in the mid 20’s,  Ok that might be balmy for some from the central plains but for us hey its frigid.  So we see the calendar has reset itself again and we are looking at less then 50 days before pitchers and catchers report down on the farm in St Lucie for the 2012 season.   Remember the slogan the magic is back?  Yeah ok no magic here unless you call it a disappearing act.  This off season has by far been the worst in a long time for the Mutts. 

Even in years when we signed losers like Moe Vaughn and Roberto Alomar at least we had something to chat about.  They were horrible signings yes but this year hey we signed another Omar.  Quintanillala is his name and jumping from the minors to majors is his game. Also of course a 50 game ped supension Ugh.  This off season has nothing to get Met fans excited about.  They signed 2 closers who blew more saves then most teams!

They still need to fill out the team with another outfielder and a pitcher in case Johan isn’t ready.  Even then will it bring excitement?  No of course not. The air left this team the minute the Mets let Jose sign with the freaking Marlins.   

The calendar might have changed to 2012 but most fans probably cant wait until the calendar turns to 2013  . 

Happy New Year


metsfan73 said...

wow! I thought the calendar turned back to 1979 - With Doug Flynn, Kelvin Chapman, Richie Hebner, and Willie Montanez anchoring the infield; Steve Henderson, Lee Mazzilli, and Elliot Maddox securing teh outfield. Ugggggggggggh! said...

The Bernie Madoff incident was sad, it has really crippled this franchise. But fans need to trust the Wilpons and the moves they are making. They want to win too. And boycotting games is the worst thing Mets fans can do this season.