Monday, February 20, 2012

Pitchers and Catchers report: The Latest on Santana:Mets Spring TV schedule

Welcome to the first official day of spring training. At least for today Met fans need to show optimism.  Yes the team didnt do much this odd off season besides patch a couple of holes in the bullpen and bring in the walls for the whiny Wright and the lost Bay. Still you have to show optimism to begin the season. Otherwise doom and gloom will make it a very long season.

Mets pitchers and catchers report today.  No official workout until tomorrow but  I am sure there will be alot of chatter in PSL especially bout the pitcher named Johan. He threw all pitches on Friday when he threw off the mound.  27 in all and the media around is crazy.  He will pitch again on Tuesday and what Warthen and Santana would like to see is that he was able to rebound and not feel anything outside the norm in his arm.  Projections are wildy all over the place on how much he will pitch in 2012 17 months removed from surgery.  TC mentioned that 150 innings would be nice. Th key is getting him tracked to pitch every 5 days. All spring they can work on that and lets hope for no set backs.

Itching to watch a game and listen to Cohen,Darling and Mex? The first game will on SNY will be on March 5th at 6pm. The Mets will televise 11 games on SNY and 4 on PIX this spring. The schedule is below courtesy of SNY

March 5 Washington Nationals 6:10 p.m. SNY , March 6 St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 p.m. SNY

March 8 Miami Marlins 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 11 Miami Marlins 1:10 p.m. PIX11

March 13 St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 16 Detroit Tigers 1:10 p.m. SNY

March 17 Atlanta Braves 1:10 p.m. PIX11 , March 20 Washington Nationals 6:10 p.m. SNY

March 22 Houston Astros 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 24 St. Louis Cardinals 1:10 p.m. PIX11

March 27 Atlanta Braves 1:10 p.m. SNY , March 28 Washington Nationals 1:10 p.m. SNY

March 29 Houston Astros 6:10 p.m. SNY , April 1 Detroit Tigers 1:10 p.m. PIX11

April 3 New York Yankees 2:10 p.m. SNY

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metsfan73 said...

Lennon is reporting that Puddle has Jose's old locker. What next, he switch from 44 to 7?