Friday, April 13, 2012

David Wright and Friday the 13th.

As the Mets roll into Philly for a 3 game set that starts with Cliff Lee and R A Dickey the only drama that follows them is if there 3rd baseman Mr Wright will be playing Friday night.

The Mets lineup has blown up without Wright in the lineup .   Wednesday day game it seemed the Mets struck out at every at bat.  Duda, Bay and Davis have done nothing with Wright out.   Duda has done nothing since his 2 homers and Bay has 2 singles and a double in 5 games and was even double switched out of the game on Wednesday. Davis is lost since he seems to cant handle the ton of off speed pitches he is seeing.

Wright started the season on a mission. He was hitting .583 and slugging .833 in the 4 games he was in.   Now the Mets say it will be a game time decision on Wright and his pinkie.  We all know there are pills to take to deal with the pain but its all about the swelling .  If the pinkie swells he cant grip the bat.    

The Mets need his righty bat in the lineup against the lefty Lee. Lets hope the Black cat works wonders on the Phillies and not Wright and the Mets tonight.

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