Monday, April 9, 2012

David Wright: Small Adjustments paying off.

The Mets ended the weekend sweeping the series from the Bravos with a 7-5 win on Sunday.  3 Games in and the Mets seem to be starting on the right track for 2012.  The Mets bullpen has been great only giving up 1 run so far.  Also the defense has not let them down . Murphy has not killed them or has the mis communication between fielders on flies and pop ups.  When it comes to offense..who is this guy Wright? 

Yeah ok its only 3 games but Wright has impressed me. Why?  How many at bats last year did you see him swing and the ball go straight back when normally he would crush it in years past? 

Gary Cohen mentioned yesterday during the broadcast that Wright and the Mets batting coach Dave Hudgens talked this off season about having Wright not move his hands so much . So he doesnt raise them high before he sets for the pitch. Not a big adjustment but sometimes that’s all you need. Also Cohen mentioned that Wright likes to tinker during BP and Hudgens is try to stop him from that practic. For now it has worked since Wright is hitting the ball squarely.  It is great to see Wright hit the way he used too especially to left center.  Yeah only 3 games but it’s still great to see.

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