Friday, April 6, 2012

Mets to call up Kirk Nieuwenhuis

The guy most want to see play CF is probably on his way in from Buffalo today. Kirk Nieuwenhuis will be the Mets replacement of Pagan, I mean Torres who hurt his callf yesterday running down a triple in CF in the 7th yesterday. This is according to Mr Rubin.

Kirk is someone the scouts think isnt too durable but he is one of those guys who doesnt mind running through walls. He might platoon a little with Scott Hairston who does hit lefties a little bit better then Kirk.  He spent a majority of last season on DL due to a shoulder surgery. 

Mets have to be the first team to have a starter on the DL so far this year. Torres will be out at least 2 weeks.  In a year that not is much expected from this team, it will be nice to see the young guys get a chance to play early instead of mop up work in September.

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