Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Opening Day Tixs still available for Citi Field

The Mets still have a few thousand tickets to sell for opening day since its not a sell out for Thursday . On Stub Hub there are over 500 tickets for sale starting at 59.95 . If you head over to you can secure seats as well. 

The Mets added the Party deck and those seats start at $100.00 but are only available for single games for the first homestand. They include food and drinks. After the first homestand they need to be bought at a group level.   

One of these days we will make it to opening day but wewill wait until the little peanut gets a little older.  

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Jobu said...

Jobu knows a guy that might be able to get us in to the party deck. It will still cost a "c" note, but we may not need the minimum 25 people. Let me know.