Monday, May 7, 2012

Can Ike Davis get his groove back?

The Mets have a good chance to beat up on the Phillies as they head to there band box, I mean ballpark tonight for the start of a 3 game set in the city of brotherly love.  Side bar…who finds that handle odd?  OK back to the Mets and what happened yesterday.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Mets/Dback afternoon game with dickey and his Knuckle ball , you missed a good game . Dickey’s  dancing knuckle ball made it into the 9th for a  3-1 victory. Of course we had to have a little drama attached and that was handled by Ruben Tejada’s face plant mid game.  Tejada tripped running to first, fell on top of the bag and was not able to get his hands out in front and his faced bounced off the ground. It wasn’t pretty.  See it here for the time being at  MLB.  Of course besides the bruise on his face he hurt his leg and we will know before game time if he is going to the DL. Ronny Cedeno wont be able to come off the DL until  the weekend so look for Valdespin to turn around and be back.

Ok Mr Davis your up.  Please when you arrive at Philly this afternoon walk around the park ok? .  This place is prime for you to break out of your April slump. Hey Pujous hit a homer last night so it doesnt last forever!. Of course the bandbox has not been a great place for Davis in the past with only 2 homers there in 60 or so at bats but if there is ever a time. Davis one of these days has to realize that pitchers arent going to groove him fastballs all the time . Maybe a chat with Mr Murphy would help since he seems to be able to adjust no matter what is thrown to him. I'm just saying.  ...

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