Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mets 2012 Splits: is Jason Bay the missing link?

Ahh a day off before a 3 weekend homestand  against the D Backs.  It is something I am sure the Mets bullpen is looking forward too. Especially Manny Acosta who had a rough road trip.  The Mets were swept by the lowly Astros after taking 2 out of 3 in Colorado.  It is what you expect when you have team that is a .500 team.   The day off gives the Mets a little breather, the fans and gives me a chance to look at some numbers.  

The Mets right now are heavy in the lefty department.  Duda,Davis, Murphy,  Captain Kirk.   Last year they had a backup catcher that ate up lefties and now they have 1 that cant hit.  They Mets are realying heaving on Josh Thole who has done well but can he hold up all year without being exhausted?  

Looking at the Mets when they hit against lefties the team is only 4-7 .  Murphy and Duda faired pretty well last year against them.  Murph hit .299  with 13 K’s in 87 at bats.  Duda hit .274 with 13 K’s in 62 at bats.  This year there numbers after 1 month are horrible.  Murphy has 9 strike outs and is batting .231 in 39 at bats . Duda is hitting .192 with 11K’s in 26 at bats.  The Mets wonder boy so far of 2012 Capt Kirk Nieuwenhuis is hitting a Davis like .194 in 31 at bats with 13K’s.  I like Capt Kirk for his intangibles but if the kid cant hit lefties stop playing him.  

 Yes there are small sample sizes but when you don’t have Davis hitting and then you add these 3 guys who cant get it together against lefties its not unexpected to see the Mets having a rough go of it.   A lineup that includes Bay if you platoon him against lefties when he comes back might help the Mets and then if Duda can’t get it get together against lefties can sit and Hairston, who is doing well,  can give the Mets some punch .  

The fact that the Mets are so lefty dominant right now and without these guys hitting its going to be a rough go of it.  Of course if the no name pitchers give up 6-10 runs a game that won’t help either.


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