Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mets to host 2013 All Star Game at Citi field

Big annoucement today. Look for the mets to be finally hosting a all star game.  Yes its been know for some time that they would have the 2013 game but nothing official. MLB wanted to wait until they negotiated contracts with the NYPD and the Javits convention center before it was announced. 

Now after 49 years the Mets will hold a game .  I wonder if they will bring back some of the players from the 64 game. Might be tough since I am sure most of them are dead or close to it. 

now of course that will become the hottest ticket and unless you are a season ticket holder the ability to get a ticket for it will cost you plenty.  I might look into it but i will not pay and arm and a leg and 4 pints of blood for it.  .

Did anyone see last nights game.?  Best part for me was seeing David Wright actually show emotion when Collins took him out. It was about time the 3rd baseman show he had a pair.  

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