Monday, June 11, 2012

Mets funny man Tim Byrdak: Wasnt so funny for him 10 years ago

As everyone and there mother is panning Ike Davis, Jason Bay and the relief pitching there is 1 guy in the pen who is holding his own. Tim Byrdak has been doing is best Pedro Felicano impression by pitching as much as he can and doing his best by keeping the Mets in the game. Besides the Mets closer Francisco Birdie has been holding his own.

10 years ago recovering from Tommy John Surgery his career was almost over as he was pushed out the door in the Indians organization by none other then Cliff Lee. He was stuck stocking shelfs at Target.  That was his 2nd job that he did overnight.

Check out the rest on Birdie in this story from last month that I just ran across from  ESPN's Mr Rubin

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