Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mets lose to another Lefty.

The Mets pushed hard the last couple of weeks. They went 11-11 against teams over .500 in a stretch of games that every one seem to use as a water mark. Pretty impressive for a team that LF is out,2nd baseman Murph has been on the bench and Davis is still battling the Mendoza line. Well now they play the next 3 series against teams that are under .500. Cubs , Dodgers, Phils and then the Cubs again.  What should the Mets be concerned about?

Well what is the big issue.  Of course the Pen which stinks. Also the fact the Mets are 10-17 against lefties. Hairston over his last 3-4 games has done zip . Even against the lefty Wood last night.  

One obvious need is for the Mets is a righty bat besides Wright to get this team more balance against lefties. With Bay out and the Mets, who like 20-24 other teams are in the early stages of the wild card hunt, will just sit on there hands for now. Anyone out there would have taken the Mets at 4 games over .500 on June 26th.  The question is where will they be 2 weeks from now at the All Star break?

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