Friday, June 22, 2012

Subway Series anyone?

Mets play the Yankees for 3 games at Citi.  Used to be the hot ticket now both teams have struggled to sell out.  How can you be surprised ?  I mean it’s the end of a ERA.  Sidebar can  a ERA be 15 years?  

Doesn’t matter the Mets have 3 games against the cross town rivals and all anyone can say has it run its course?  Who cares at this point.  Its 3 games and we move on.  This will be the last time there will be a 3 game set home and home most likely due to the shuffling of Houston to the AL next year.  Again whatever.   It was exciting the first couple of years and that’s it especially since the Mets and Yanks only played in the spring and the defuct Mayors Trophy games.   Whats exciting is watching this team play for the most part like they are always in the game no matter what.  We have a guy named R A that is on a improbable run right now.  We have a right fielder named Lucas Duda who is one step from falling asleep it seems and he leads the time in RBi’s and home runs!

The time passed just makes you want 1 thing to happen. For the Mets to win and a sweep would be nice!  So let’s move on.  Lots left on the schedule with the dog days of summer ahead of us. 

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