Friday, June 1, 2012

Who stays Nickeas or Johnson?: Beltran returns

The Mets will host the Cardinals tonight and Carlos Beltran returns for the first time as a Card. The guy who was a professional during his time with the Mets is raking with the Cards as he has more home runs then Wright and Davis Combined.! 

The Mets will make some roster moves and with Josh Thole returning, the Mets will have to send Nickeas or Johnson back to Buffalo.  To me if the Mets have an issue with the lack of experience that Johnson has catching Dickey that would be the only hangup for keeping Johnson over Nickeas. Johnson seems to have a knack to getting on base in every game he plays.  Nickeas of course made it the team due to his defense but the Mets at this point coulld use the offense especially since no clue if Thole will pick up where he left off.

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