Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Doctors To Johan: Wait Til Next Year!

Sandy Alderson just finished up his presser, and I don't think there was a surprised soul in the audience. As what has been expected, Johan Santana's 2012 season is over.
Johan had an MRI on his aching back, and it was determined to be he has inflammation on the L5 disk in his back. He is not expected to need surgery, but that's a song we've all heard before...just before the fat lady starts singing.

It is expected that the former Mets ace will be ready for the 2013 season, but with his age (34 next March) and diminishing fastball, do we really expect to see the Johan of old? His no-hitter on June 1st this year was stuff of legend, but the rest of his season is most likely what Johan is now: a broken down former ace, who gets by more on competitive spirit and guile than on ability alone.

Although not surprised, it is a bit disappointing that he can't finish the season. Truth be told, he has hurt the Mets greatly of late by allowing 6 runs over 4 innings since the All Star Break.

In other news, Kirk Nieuwenhuis will also finish the year on the DL with an injured foot, so we won't  see the rookie with reckless abandon again this year.

Sit tight Mets fans, only another 39 games left in the '12 season.

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