Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mets and Harvey vs Phillies: Hamels Scratched

The Mets have to feel pretty good after there come from behind victory last night in 10 innings . Funny useless stat the Mets played the Phillies in 1962 on this date and lost to them in 10 innings. At that point in the season it was there 100 loss. Of course it doesn’t make this year feel any better.

The Mets will miss lefty Hamels who had some stomach issues. They will see the Major league debut of Tyler Cloyd. He is a 25 year old righty who has been pitching lights out for their Triple A club. Not sure why this kid took until he is 25 to get up here but the Mets have fared well against guys making there debuts the last couple of years.

With a righty on the mound Jason Bay enjoys the pine for another night. 16M is a bit much to pay for an backup off the bench hitting a buck 50. Guess better than him collecting it sitting on his couch at home …or is it? Lineup below.

Tejada, Murphy, Wright, Davis, Duda, Hairston, Baxter, Shoppach, Harvey

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