Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mets lose with Dickey on the mound. Offense a big Zero again

The Mets as usual these days had no offense last night. This against a team that has the worst ERA in the National league by over a run! Pathetic! The Rockies working with a 4 man rotation and a 9 man bullpen were able to keep the Mets in check and won 3-1.

Dickey was taken out in the 7 inning for a pinch hitter and the Mets offense could do nothing against the Rockies bullpen. The Rockies had 1 starter in there lineup from opening day. Otherwise it was like watching a Independent league line up. Not that it mattered since the Mets couldnt do anything.

If I was a player on that team I would have thrown everything in that clubhouse around after that loss! I mean come on the ERA of the Rockies is over 6 and we score 1 run? Collins really needs to get a fire under this team or something since they already have a worse record then last year.

The only guy who showed a little passion was Valdespin when he was called out at first on a close play. He might have went over the top as a rookie but he is the only guy who seems to wear it on his sleeve. The rest of the bunch looked like lambs going down to be slaughtered!

Look for Johan to be shut down soon. quite possible before his start on Thursday He will be heading for a MRI today for his stiff back.

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