Monday, October 29, 2012

Does The Giants World Series Championship Affect Wright's Negotiation With Mets?

Last night the SF Giants completed their four game sweep in earning their second World Championship in the last three years.

With the Giants victory, does this affect negotiations between the Mets and David Wright? A question like that might seem unrelated, but it really isn't.

Two former Mets were able to achieve post season play and a World Championship. Former Mets great, Carlos Beltran made it to the 7th game of the NLCS with the St. Louis Cardinals. Beltran, who was a Mets player for 7 years enjoyed something Wright hasn't been able to think about since 2006. Might the success of Beltran's free agency sway Wright towards seeking greener pastures after the '13. season?

If not, then there is former teammate Angel Pagan, who was a part of last nights four game sweep of the Detroit Tigers in earning a second World Series Championship for the Giants in the last three years Wright must be thinking "what do I have to do to experience some post season success?"

Wright has to be asking himself if he will have the opportunity to sip Championship Champagne if he continues with the Mets. Although there is some hope with youngsters Dillon Gee, Jon Niese, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, he must be thinking that the Mets outfield is in dire need of an upgrade, and although it was fun watching Kirk Nieuwenhuis patrol CF, he has to prove he can stay healthy and hit Major League pitching while reducing strikeouts.

Matt den Dekker is expected to be a Major League player, but he has to do better than he did in AAA last year where he hit: .220 Avg/9HR/47RBI. Will he be ready in 2013, and if he is, is he the type of player that puts the Mets on the road to credibility? Probably not.

So if winning is important to Wright, which I believe it is, he must be thinking what will it take for the Mets to be a winner, and if they eventually do become more competitive, will he still be young enough to enjoy it? The Mets have made little to no progress over the last three years, and with the financial woes the Wilpon's are experiencing, one can't think the Mets are anywhere close to being competitive. 

Because of this, I believe re-signing Wright isn't going to be as easy as many might think. I still don't think the Mets have the money, especially with $57.5M devoted to just three players (Santana, Bay, Wright). The Mets desperately need a solid catcher, a much improved OF, and a more steady 2B than what they have. This isn't including an upgrade in the bullpen, which is greatly needed. Can the Mets do this with only approximately $42.5M to spend for 2013? Not likely.

Many might think that the Giants winning the 2012 World Series has no bearing on the status of David Wright, I am left wondering why doesn't it? With two former teammates being a part of the post season and one winning a World Championship, Wright is most likely thinking why not me.

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