Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The R A Dickey go for win # 21 lineup!

Hi all!  Sorry...work and life sometimes get in the way .  We apologize to our 5-10 readers for not posting to the site in almost a week.  We did enjoy some wings last week with Met fan 73 while watching the Mets on last friday night!  Anyway R A goes for win # 21 in his quest for Mr Cy Young. Will he take a picture with award if he wins it while wearing a Star War outfit that is my question to R A! 

Tonights lineup below.

Tejada, Murphy, Wright, Davis, Hairston, Duda, Thole, Torres, Dickey

The Red Sox had some scouts at the game last night .  they were looking at Ike Davis.  To me its whatever you get from the Sox unless it starts with Pedroia is not something even worth the Mets time. Sides it has already been proven that doing well for the Red Sox doesnt translate into doing well for the Mets- See Jason Bay...

Mets try to get a win before they head into Wednesday season Finale!

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